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Nursery School Mimos is a school for infants located in the neighbourhood of 'Congrés i els Indians' Sant Andreu's district of Barcelona. It is an educational center where the learning of the English language has an important weight in the ideology of the center.

Our educational and formative mission is inside a framework of, responsibility, innovation and dedication to teaching. Our aim is that the children are happy, that they enjoy coming to school and to promote to the maximum all the capacities and educational needs as well to help them and to stimulate them in the different areas of their development, emotively, intellectually and emotionally.

There is personalized attention to the families and daily coordination by means of the diary.

Mission statement


We will endeavour that the child attains capability and control of his/her body, as well as developing his/her sensory and motive capacities in an ensored manner expressing his/her emotions and preferences. The aim is that the child is increasingly autonomous.


The children from an early age will show curiosity for all that surrounds them. Because of this we have to stimulate them in order that they discover and explore the nearby environment helping them in this perception so that they become aware, and that will allow him/her to assign a meaning to the objects that they discover and to experience. Motor skills will developed to full potential.


PFor us a great importance is the learning of the English language and because of this motive in our center a great part of our personnel are native speakers and they teach our children in English with the aim that the children become familiarised, understand and speak the above mentioned language. Our principles are to develop verbal communication, musical appreciation and visual recognition. The verbal communication is aimed at understanding oral messages as well as extending his/her companions.

In relation to the musical communication the work is with different sounds, noises and silence as well as enjoying the different artistic compositions and the associated movement. With reference to the visual and artistic expression different materials are employed creating enjoyment promoting visually different images of daily life.

Our services


Open from Monday to Friday from 7.30 a.m. to 19.30 p.m.We open from 1st September until July 31st. During Christmas and Holy week the center remains open.

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All food is natural and of a high quality. The menus are quarterly and the parents can download these off the website. Everyday information is sent to the families recording what has been eaten and any other observation. Specific menus are at the parent's request.

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The NSM has an agreement with the children's hospital of Barcelona by means of which, the school has an allocations of paediatricians 24 hours of the day any medical consultation to be fulfilled by them. If a child needs a paediatrician evaluation while at school, this will take place by videoconference.

Also information will be posted on the hospital website.


From 3 years of age the NSM offers the possibility of practicing swimming once per week, in the school schedule, in the swimming pool of the Gymnasium Yawara, located in Concepción Arenal Street close to the former greyhound racing track. Swimming contributes certain benefits in the children that are necessary to enhance the important psychomotor development, since thanks to it a major improvement in coordination and balance are acquired, besides helping to strengthen the cardiothoracic system.

For more information you can visit their website.


We have tickets from the following companies: Ticket Nursery (Edenred), Sodexo and Chéque Déjeneur. For others please enquire.

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